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Saehan P&D Co., Ltd.

CEO Greeting

Thank you for your love and support for Saehan P&D.

On behalf of all the employees, a deep thank youwill give you

hello? I am Kim Hyung-gil, CEO of Saehan P&D Co., Ltd., a printing & design company.

Saehan P&D Inc. 30 years after the company was founded "Customer Satisfaction, Customer Impression"called

Under target I've done my bestIt is.

In addition, to contribute to value creation for customers Calculate the goal of "Customer Satisfaction 120%"

Efforts to become a leader in the main business of printingare doing

in the futureCustomer satisfaction is the top priorityseeking with

Repay customers' consideration and love with the best quality and serviceI'll do it.

Always listen to the voice of customersWe will become a company that grows together.

SMART DESIGN SMART PRINT, together with Saehan P&Dplease

thank you



Saehan P&D Co., Ltd. CEO Hyung-gil Kim

Saehan Process

4인 1팀_edited.png

Improving work efficiency with subdivided Team Project

- Project progress as a team of 4 people

- Provision of faster and more perfect results by division of work by experts in each field

2021 0824 새한 홈페이지 일러스트 작업 모음_edited.png

Turn-key solutions from design to printing and detailed pages

- Minimize lead time with one-step from planning to launch

- Reduction of production cost by turn-key method rather than individual production

- Scheduled progress through systematic schedule management

1993 to 2008

Established Saehan Planning on November 1st

Business partnership with RF Tech Co., Ltd.

Business alliance with APIL Telecom Co., Ltd.


BMW business partnership

Agent Technical Institute Business Partnership

Business partnership with Shinsegae I&C

Business alliance with Mando Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with SK Teletech Co., Ltd.

Business alliance with KTF Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with Motorola Korea Co., Ltd.

Converted to Saehan P&D Co., Ltd.

2011 to 2015

M&B Mulsan Co., Ltd.

via trade

Pro Power Co., Ltd. / Sugar Bubble Co., Ltd.

Cosmax Co., Ltd. / Noksipcho Co., Ltd.

Woojeon Co., Ltd. / Hwami Co., Ltd.

C& Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Interpet Korea Co., Ltd.

Korea Miracle People Co., Ltd.

Dormy Inn Hotel

Popcorn & Kiki Co., Ltd.

Meju Flower / Deokwon Enterprise

Social Welfare Corporation Eden Welfare Foundation Hyungwon

​Cocobraum Co., Ltd.

2009 to 2010

Business partnership with Matt Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Launched Saehan Communications

Shinsegae  started business

Business partnership with Shinsegae

Business partnership with Sky Entertainment

Business partnership with Create Co., Ltd.

Business alliance with Hangeul and Computer

Osstem Implant Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with CJ CheilJedang Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with KH Vatech Co., Ltd.

Business alliance with Taejin ENG Co., Ltd.

Mugunghwa Co., Ltd.

2016 to 2022

Maison de Organics Co., Ltd.

Eden Seafood Co., Ltd.

GLSJ Co., Ltd.

Hue Cosmetics Co., Ltd. / Ciscovidi Co., Ltd.

YS Co., Ltd.

Organic Farm Korea Co., Ltd.

BSSGH&B Co., Ltd.

Prestige Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Bioplus Co., Ltd.

Unices Management Co., Ltd.

Amuse Co., Ltd. / Seoul Fitness

Matkal Co., Ltd. / Motonics Co., Ltd.

Stallzone Bio Co., Ltd.


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